We invite you to consider a sponsorship package for one of San Diego’s most creative and beloved events, San Diego Humane Society’s Fur Ball gala.

Why sponsor?

  • Increase your business exposure to a highly-influential audience.
  • Enhance your customer base while showing your dedication to the animals and our community.
  • Expose your brand in an intimate and unique setting with hundreds of potential customers.

In addition to the benefits listed in the table below, each sponsorship package includes

  • Complimentary tickets, as shown in the table below
  • Sponsorship-specific brand display
  • Space for either a full page or half page advertisement
  • A special recognition from San Diego Humane Society during the event program and in the printed program
  • Display of each sponsorship, scrolling on television screens during the event
  • Recognition elegantly incorporated into the event website
  • Sponsor logo and link remaining on the San Diego Humane Society website through September 2016
  • Photos of sponsors’ and guests’ pets displayed in event visual presentation

Sponsorship Packages

Amount Sponsorship Tickets Brand Display Program Ad
$25,000 Methusalah Table 10 Bulerías in event large-screen display full page
$11,000 Jeroboam Table 10 Bulerías in event large-screen display full page
$6,500 Magnum Table 10 Soleá in event large-screen display full page
$15,000 BidPal 10 Bulerías in BidPal app and displays full page
$15,000 Pop-up Kitchen 10 Bulerías at kitchen full page
$10,000 Paw Printing 4 Bulerías in programs full page
$10,000 Entertainment 4 Bulerís at stage full page
$7,500 Fabulous Florals 4 Soleá with floral centerpieces full page
$7,500 Delectable Desserts 4 Soleá with desserts full page
$5,000 Belle & Beau of the Ball 2 Soleá half page
$5,000 Champagne Reception 2 Soleá half page
$5,000 After the Party 2 Soleá half page
$5,000 Valet Parking 2 Soleá half page
$5,000 Stand-up Video 2 Soleá half page
$5,000 Wine Bar 2 Soleá half page
$2,500 Pug Shot Photos half page
$2,500 Doggie Valet half page
$2,500 Canine Comfort Beds half page

Contact us to get started

Please contact Debra Hansen, Corporate Relations Manager, for more information or to become a Fur Ball 2016 sponsor. Call her at 619.243.340 or email events@sdhumane.org to receive a sponsorship packet in the mail.